React-Native Software Developer

  • Post Date: June 6, 2022
  • Isle of Man
Job Description

Role Description:
You will have direct input into the building and designing of our sales strategy. In this role, you will be at the forefront of bringing out cutting edge products to market and growing our market share of the financial services market both locally and internationally.

Role Responsibilities:
– Plan and execute a long term technical road map
– Take on the most technically challenging coding tasks
– Delegating easier tasks to the right team members
– Find quick and tech-debt free solutions to issues
– Be opinionated about best practices, but maintain an open mind
– Identify key functions for testing purposes
– Reviewing all new code for quality and suggest improvements
– Keep up with upcoming React-Native changes and hot to integrate them

Skills & Experience Required:
– Experience of creating React-Native apps from start to finish
– Ability to debug and fix any issue, be it in JS or native code
– A thorough understanding of the React component life-cycle and React Hooks
– Ability to visualise the whole tech stack and pinpoint likely causes of issues
– The wisdom to balance between ideal and quick solutions

Phone 01624 615600