Compliance Manager

  • Post Date: November 18, 2022
  • Isle of Man
Job Description

As Compliance Manager you will be responsible for the effective functioning of the Group Compliance Department and working with colleagues across the Group to support and promote compliant practices, behaviours and culture on a continuing basis.
The Compliance Manager will hold controlled function responsibilities and will be required to uphold the requirements and objectives of fitness and propriety as outlined by the Group Policy Framework.

Role Responsibilities
– Proactive leadership of the Compliance Department in its work to support Group companies engage with, understand and maintain compliance with their respective legal and regulatory obligations and accountabilities on a continuing basis
– Management and co-ordination of the day-to-day activities of the Compliance Department, in line with overarching policy objectives
– Ownership, development, management and maintenance of effective, fit for purpose compliance frameworks, which guide and define organisational practices and behaviours, and which provide a clear context for business decision-making
– Positively influence the compliant performance of functional and operational activities across the Group
– Development and delivery of an adequate and effective compliance monitoring programme which is co-ordinated with third line assurance service provision in order to maximise business value
– Working with business colleagues to positively influence good customer outcomes supported by compliance analysis of relevant processes, behaviours and procedures, proposing and supporting effective change, where needed
– Championing the core values of the Group in respect of both performance and behaviour and contributing to continuous improvement
– Maintaining oversight of regulatory submission obligations throughout the course of the financial year ensuring regulatory obligations, timings and deadlines are fully met
– To support and be committed to the continued development and implementation of corporate strategies and policies, as they relate to the organisational agenda generally and specifically in relation to: –
− Risk management and internal control
− Continuous compliance with obligations and quality assurance of performance
− Corporate governance and probity
– To provide training, education, consultancy and support services to Management and staff as necessary / required or agreed

Skills & Experience Required:
– A highly competent and appropriately qualified professional with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a senior compliance role and a proven track record in managing staff
– Substantive knowledge and understanding of sector specific legal and regulatory frameworks with the ability to understand, assess and effectively communicate the impact of changes and developments in the local and international environment
– Good understanding of the existing data protection legislation and the implications of GDPR with the capacity to oversee the design and implementation of adequate and appropriate governance arrangements
– Good working knowledge and understanding of risk management, internal control and corporate governance principles and practices